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Have an unwanted house?
Get monthly cash flow with no tenants…

How would you like to enjoy secured, passive income without the headache of tenants, toilets and trash? We can buy your house, and in most cases, we can offer full asking price. Spread out your capital gains tax over a long period of time and avoid a massive increase in your personal income tax. We can offer a fast close, and as always, no closing costs!
Don’t just let your house sit vacant! Get a monthly cash flow with no tenants!
It can be hard to sell a house when you still need to keep the cash flow coming in but can’t place new tenants in a house. Let us help you keep the monthly cash flow coming in with no tenants, and don’t worry about spending money to fix the house for sale. We can buy the house from you AS IS.
  • You can set the terms or the price!
  • We provide secured payments over time!
  • No tenant required to keep the cash flow coming in!

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